If you are wanting to add a dynamic copyright year to your website's Footer, you can use Elementor’s dynamic content feature to ensure that this is always up to date. This date in the Footer will always show the current year. In order to get this set up, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your ShareFaith website editor.

  2. From the top banner, hover over the Edit with Elementor option and select the site's Footer which will look something like this

  3. Decide where in your Footer you would like to add the dynamic copyright information and then drag and drop the Text Editor widget into that area.

  4. Delete any pre-populated lorem ipsum text, and then select the Dynamic Tags tab as shown below.

  5. From the drop-down, choose Current Date Time under the Site heading.

  6. Select the wrench icon to the left of the Current Date Time field to open the settings.

  7. For the Date Format field choose Custom and for the Custom Format field, simply have the letter Y.

  8. After completing those fields, select the Advanced drop-down and paste the ©  symbol into the Before field(you can copy and paste it directly from this tutorial) and your ministry's name into the After field. For formatting purposes, you may want to add a space before your ministry's name.

  9. Select the green Update button to save your changes to the Footer and you're all set.