If you have created an account with ChurchStreaming.tv and are needing to get that feed added to your Sharefaith website, this guide will show you how to get that done. If you are using a Sidekick site, rather than one of our Elementor templates, please review this guide here

If you have not yet started a ChurchStreaming.tv account, you will need to get that completed first and can do so here.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is get the embed code for your live feed. This can be retrieved directly from yourChurchStreaming.tv account. If you are having trouble obtaining this, please reach out to the ChruchStreaming.tv support team here.

  2. Once you have your embed code, edit the page you would like to add the feed to, and then select the HTML widget from the editor's sidebar and drag and drop it to the area you would like on the page.

  3. When the HTML widget has been added, you will see the options for that widget in the left sidebar. Add the embed code you received from your ChurchStreaming.tv account in the HTML code field.

  4. Once the code has been added, just select the Update button to save your changes and you're all set.