What are Style Kits?

Style Kits is a plugin by AnalogWP that allows you to globally control your theme styles. The Style Kits library includes Templates, Style Kits and Blocks.

How Your ShareFaith Site Uses Style Kits

Each ShareFaith Theme uses Style Kits to set the Typography and Buttons Styles, Column Gaps and Section Padding. 

How to Edit Your Style Kit

  1. Navigate to Pages > find your Style Guide page > click "Edit with Elementor."

    The Style Guide page has been set up with various sections that show examples of all the typography, and button styles, column gaps, and section padding.

  2. Click the lower-left "Settings" icon> click the "Style Kits" menu item > click the "Edit Theme Style Kit" button.

  3. You'll notice the left menu has now updated to the Style Kits menu. 
    1. To close without making changes you can click the "Close" iconat the top right of the menu.
    2. To make changes, click through each menu tab and apply your desired changes. Note that previous versions had typography and general button settings in this screen but have been now moved to the settings screen - from here, click the "<" at the top left of the screen to get to the Site Settings screen where you can see those options:
    3. To override the current Style Kit Theme with your new changes, click the "Update" button at the lower left of the menu. Note that individual headings, buttons, and items on your site that have specific colors or styles applied to them will not get changed by the style kit - for example, this button needs its color setting "cleared" here if you want it to take the site's general style kit color:
    4. To save your changes as a new Style Kit open the "Theme Style Kits" menu item and click the "Save As..." button.

Setting a Global Style Kit

Each ShareFaith Elementor theme has a set Global Style Kit Theme. If you want to change Style Kits to a kit that you have made, or to one of the options Style Kits offers, simply go to Style Kits > Settings and choose from the Global Style Kit drop-down menu. 

Applying a Style Kit to a Single Page

You may want a specific page (like your Kids Ministry) to use a different Style Kit. You can do this by navigating to your page and clicking "Edit with Elementor" > Click the lower-left "Settings" icon> click the "Style Kits" menu item > then choose your Page Style Kit from the drop-down menu > then click the "Update" button in the lower-left corner of the menu. 

Pro Tip: Cleaning Up Your Templates

Once you've updated or changed your Global Style Kit Theme, we suggest going to each Template in use to make adjustments to design elements (like background gradients) to make sure everything matches.