My Presenter Tab is gone.

I cannot Authenticate my Presenter License

I cannot Sign into Media

I cannot authenticate my SongSelect

To Prevent this from happening in the future, follow these great guidelines.

Guideline #1: Do not wait till we are closed on Saturday to build your Worship and Sermon Set for Sunday. If your worship pastor calls an audible, we understand, but don't risk delaying till the morning service.

Guideline #2: Make sure that your Presenter is updated to the newest version.

Guideline #3: After you are done building your worship set for Presenter, Save it. So that in the event that your computer or Presenter stops working you can still open up your presentation in another Powerpoint program.

Please Note: We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to access If you are experiencing issues switch to one of these browsers. If the issue still persists or you are experiencing your issue while using one of these browsers contact a Sharefaith Customer Liaison Specialist by creating a new support request.