The Sharefaith Migration process takes approximately 20 business days from start to finish. Below is a timeline of the process.

  1. We receive your migration request form submission. You will receive an email as soon as you submit the form to confirm that we have received the submission.

  2. We review your submission and make sure everything is in place for the migration. You will receive another email at this point verifying that we have approved your migration.

  3. Your migration goes into the queue! We are constantly working with ministries around the world to bring over content to their new Sharefaith Websites, and we do this in the order that they are submitted.

  4. We set up your new Sharefaith Website stopgap. At this point the process is almost complete. You will receive another email from us explaining the process, and what you need to do in the meantime. This part of the process takes a couple of days.

  5. The migration is complete! We will “turn the keys over to you” and give you full control of your new Sharefaith Website!