If you open a bulletin on a Mac with Microsoft, you may not see the image. This is due to a default setting where the image is set to transparent, which means while the image is technically there, you just can't see it (which can be confusing).

To resolve this you just need to change the transparency. Here's how:

  1. Open up your bulletin in Word on your Mac computer. Set the View to "Print View":

  2. Scroll to the second page, place your cursor in middle of page, and left click. You will see dots around the image:

  3. Right click anywhere inside those dots > click "Format Picture":

  4. Select the "Colors and Lines" tab:

  5. Under Fill, leave "Color" at "No Fill" and slide the "Transparency" slider from 100% to 0%:

  6. Click "OK" (and the image will appear):