What is a favicon? When you go to a website and see on the website tab a mini image, what you are looking at is a favicon. Follow these 6 steps to upload your favicon.

Please Note: You will want to have a favicon already made. You can use this favicon generator to convert your logo into one. 

How to upload your favicon:

  1. Click the "settings" tab.
  2. Now click on the "Favicon" [1] tab, then on the "Upload" [2] button.

  3. If you already have your image uploaded, click on the "Media Library" or, if you are going to upload one, click on the "Select Files" button.

  4. Select your favicon, [1] then click on the "Set Favicon" [2] button.

  5. Click on Apply Changes.

  6. You will need to hold the Shift button then click on the refresh button on your browser. Then you will see your new Favicon on your browser tab.

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