The Sermon Cloud plugin gives you options to help you control the specific messages you may want to show up on your website. If you want to have a spot for the most recent three sermons, you can create a featured location on your site to only show the most recent messages. Or, you can set it up to show the latest sermon series or sermons only by a certain speaker or passage and place however many of these you wish, on your website directly from inside of ShareFaith's page builder.  

We're excited to bring you this new connected plugin to tie-in your account into your ShareFaith church website! 

In order to connect your Sermon Cloud sermons to your Sharefaith website, follow these steps:

If you are using an Elementor based website:  Add Sermon Cloud to an Elementor Website

If you are using a Sidekik based website: Add Sermon Cloud to a Sidekik Website