Before we go through the actual process of switching templates, let's go over a few imperative things.

  1. You can switch templates as many times you want, whenever you want at no extra cost. It is FREE
  2. Changing templates will not replace content that is on your Sharefaith website such as images, banners, logos, plugins, widgets, etc. So no having to start from scratch!
  3. Since we do not replace your current content, when you switch to a new template you will not receive any of the banners, images, or logos that are associated that template. Those are stock images that are intended to showcase the template and all the possibilities and features of the template. The stock content is not intended for customers to use. They are simply placeholders until you have placed your content on your website. However, if you like certain features, icons, or images you can click on the "Design Reference" Link underneath any of the templates that you choose and the design will open in a new window. Simply drag and drop images and icons from the design to your desktop.

How to switch templates

Switching templates is very easy and for the most part, painless, depending on the current template you have and the one you switch to, there may need to be some redesign of your website. If you want to change from a normal or standard design to a single-page design, take a look at our video tutorial that covers this topic specifically. You can check it out here: How to switch to a single-page template design

Now that we have that out of the way, watch this short video on how to switch templates.

Please Note: We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to edit/update your Sharefaith Church Website and Mobile App. If you are experiencing any issues with editing your Sharefaith Church Website or Mobile App, switch to one of these browsers. If the issue still persists or you are experiencing your issue while using one of these browsers contact a Sharefaith Customer Liaison Specialist by creating a new support request.