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Upcoming Calendar Events


We are excited to begin moving our local church website to Sharefaith.  We have a question in regards to our upcoming calendar events.  We use Google calendar to add/edit/delete our events.  On our current site, we show our upcoming events and we don't really care for the look of it as you can tell here.  We are new to ShareFaith and WordPress so we apologize if these are basic questions.  Is there a free control that we can use to get something similar to the upcoming events found here or here?  We'd like to maybe display the next 3-5 items on our home page and than have a separate page to display all upcoming events similar to what we have now.  We'd like to still use Google calendar and were wondering if there was a control out there that would work with it and meet our needs.

Thank you and Lord bless!

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I currently use a plugin called Simple Calendar, which connects directly to our google calendar. Then by using the Legacy Side Bar widegets Im able to display it on the home page. Its not as fancy as other sites, but it meets its purpose. The site is in Spanish, but I have marked the events part in the image. Even if its on the side, it moves to the bottom when viewing from a mobile device.

Hope this helps


The Event Organiser plugin also does something similar.

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