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Scheduling App Push Notifications

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Stop Forcing Notifications.We initially thought that we would be able to control push notifications but The app is sending out notifications automatically when specific items like blogs & sermons are uploaded. This is sometimes done after hours so we would prefer to have full control of when we notify users that a new sermon, etc. has been made available. And/or allow notifications to auto erase after a day or so. When refreshing the app or a new user download the apps they see a list of all notifications ever sent out by the app. We have the notification "button" set to not be seen but it will still show the new user a page with the list of any/all app notifications that have ever gone out.

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It looks like this has been brought up before, but can we revisit it?  Scheduled push notifications would be so helpful.  We would like to have a push notification the night before service, an hour before, as well as before church events.  It would also be nice if users could activate push notifications for daily devotions.

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I have renamed this topic to "Scheduling App Push Notification" so it is clearer. 

I would add to this a general scheduling of notifications. Such as - I want to say "live broadcast of service starts in 5 minutes" but program that days in advance to begin at 10:55am on Sunday instead of having to do it at the moment we want it to be displayed.

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