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Home page on the Church App

Wouldn't it be great if there was a designated home page that opened first that had links to the other sections of the app on it. Would make it look so much better rather than opening to a page that really is for something else  

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Hello all, I just wanted you to know that I have pushed this up to my developers and it is currently in the in progress phase. What that means is that it being added to a list of customer priorities and this is now on that list. I will try to update as I can but , just know your voices are being heard.

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I will be providing an update within the next week. Thank you for the reminder. This is still in progress.

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Super idea. A Home page would be a must have. Please?


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Yes. I won't use the App for our church until there is a home page.Please!


Still waiting. Crickets.....

Making sure you are still listening to us. Home page is a must. 8 months. :)

 Yes, I agree.

 Bump. This is a must have feature. Please

This is a MUST have feature.


Any news on the Home Page for the app. 

Please, soon!


That is a great idea. Home page is a must.


Keeping this in the mix. Won’t use the app without a home page. Pastors are wanting to go somewhere else. Please give an update.

I'd like Table of Contents or Index that pulls specific words that an administer has desinated

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